Mixer Loading Attachment

Stop Fighting Your Hay Bale or Silage Mixer Loading Attachment

A good piece of farming equipment should be like an old friend: easy-to-use, comfortable, unique and long lasting in every way. It should instil in you a feeling of safety and should never put you in the face of danger. And it should do all of this without costing you an arm and a leg to purchase or maintain. The Tuskan, a farming solution in the form of a hay bale mixer loading attachment, is precisely that kind of farming equipment. It makes loading hay bales into your feed mixer easier than ever before, built in similar fashion to other mixer loading forklift attachments, but using an intuitive and state-of-the-art pair of hydraulic arms to carry hay bales rather than a spike that simply bores into the centre of the bale.


The interface of the Tuskan silage mixer loading attachment is the definition of easy-to-use and comfortable. Our users have told us already how easy it is to grab, manipulate, move and drop bales of hay from one spot to another using the Tuskan. The controls for the attachment were designed with long-time farmers in mind, and the result is a piece of machinery free of an off-putting learning curve.

The Tuskan bale mixer loading attachment is also unique and long lasting, as only great farming equipment can be. The loading attachment was built with only finest and most durable materials, meaning it will become a fixture on your farm for generations rather than breaking down after a single season. And thanks to a hot-off-the-presses patent, you can be sure that the Tuskan is the only hay mixer loading attachment of its ilk currently available on the market.

Safety First: How the Tuskan Breaks Ground as a Mixer Loading Attachment

One of the greatest things about the Tuskan is that it makes hay bale transport and silage mixer loading an easier and safer process than it has ever been before. Old mixer loading attachments were little more than barbaric forks, used to stab into a densely packed bale of hay and lift it up by getting enough leverage to get it off the ground. With its hydraulic arms, the Tuskan is more like a very strong farmhand—or at very least like a robot with nuanced extremities—getting a firm grip on your silage blocks without stabbing holes into them or breaking the strings that hold them together.

Furthermore, where the old hay mixer loading attachments required their users to manually detach the silage from the bale fork, the Tuskan allows for easy hydraulic release that really emphasises the "mixer loading" aspect of the product. Instead of climbing up the side of an active mixer to trim strings and drop hay into the grinders, the Tuskan makes it easy to cut the strings first, and then load the silage into the mixer from behind the control board—a safer process in every way.

The best part? The Tuskan offers all of these terrific features for a price that will not break your farm's bank account, making it a cost-effective solution and an affordable replacement for that obsolete hay mixer loading attachment you've been using for decades.

13 September 2013
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