Silage Bale Clamp

Introducing Tuskan: An Easy and Safe Silage Bale Clamp for Round and Square Bales Alike

If you're tired of losing precious work hours from trying to load your silage bales into a feed mixer using a bale fork, you certainly aren't alone. Here in the Wallace family, we have been farming for four generations, and that means we have heard our fair share of complaints—maybe not four generation's worth, but certainly close—about the inconvenient, frustrating and downright dangerous nature of loading silage bales into feed mixers. Accidents are far too common on a farm to tempt the fates by leaning over a mixer as it grinds away, trying to trim the strings on your round or square silage bale just so it will release from your bale fork. As so many farmers mutter under their breath when loading silage, 'There has to be a better way.'


That was the motto the Wallace family took in developing the Tuskan, a revolutionary new method for silage loading that takes farmers out of the line of danger while simultaneously making the work easier, faster more enjoyable. The Tuskan is a hydraulic-powered silage clamp that allows you to 'grab' bales of hay and easily carry them to their destination. The silage bale clamp can lift, grip, turn and release bales of hay at any point, whether or not they are bound by strings or wrapping. That means that you can set your silage down a safe distance away from the mixer, cut the strings and then re-clamp it for an easy drop into the mixer. The best part is that, during the release, you will be safe and sound behind the Tuskan driver seat, far away from the harmful blades of your feed mixer. Needless to say, that's a solution that any farmer can appreciate.

The Wallace Family's Years of Experience...In the Form of a Silage Bale Clamp Machine

The Tuskan is versatile, meaning that it can serve as both a round silage bale clamp and a square silage bale clamp with hardly any tinkering on your part. The Wallace family knows how important efficiency and time management is to a successful farmer. The Wallaces also aren't just a farming family, but one with engineering skills to boot, so when they went to work developing a solution to silage bale problems, they want to solve those problems for all farmers. The hydraulic arms expand to suit bales of all different sizes, from three-foot square clumps to nine-foot round silage bales.

Furthermore, the Wallace family has not designed the Tuskan silage bale clamp with any kind of planned obsolescence or hidden moneymaking scheme. This family is dedicated to helping their fellow farmers, and the resulting piece of equipment is not only safer and more functional than anything the silage management world has ever seen, but it also brings old-fashioned durability and reliability to the table. Whether you sling round silage or square bales for a living, your farm can plan to use the Tuskan for generations to come. And since the Tuskan silage clamp has its own brand-new patent, you can take pride in knowing that you are using the only machine like this in the world.

13 September 2013
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