Bale Clamp

Tired of Dirt Contamination? Tuskan Offers a Patented Hay Bale Clamp for Round and Square Bales

Many Wallace family customers have expressed dismay with the frustration that comes from trying to transport hay bales using buckets. On the short trip from the hay bale pile to the mixer, it’s too easy for dirt contamination to impact the quality of your hay.


Luckily, the Wallace family has a solution. With our brand-new Tuskan hay bale clamp, you will be able to simplify the process of lifting hay bales, moving them short or long distances, cutting their strings or wrapping and dropping them into the mixer, all in one fluid motion. Our bale clamp is an easy-to-use forklift attachment that utilises hydraulic arms in order to grip-and-lift hay bales. Old bale forks simply impaled the hay to lift it up; the Tuskan bale clamp actually grabs onto your hay bales, both round or square, allowing for state-of-the-art lifting and easy bale release at the mixer. Now, you can lift up heavy hay bales with the precision and accuracy of human hands. Certainly, transporting hay bales has never been easier than it is with our hay bale clamp, and thanks to Tuskan’s hot-off-the-presses patent, we can guarantee that there isn’t another farming solution like this anywhere else in the world.

Hay bale dirt, dust and ash contamination is a difficulty that many farmers face, and one that can lead to respiratory problems for animals and other issues around the farm if it happens too frequently. Transportation with buckets or bale forks does very little to combat such contamination, but the Tuskan round and square bale clamp offers a better way. No matter the shape or size of your bales, our clamp offers a solution that redefines easy hay mobility and cleanliness. Leave the hay wrapped up for its trip over to the mixer, or avoid impaling the wrapping or punching holes in the middle of the bale for no reason. Our bale clamp provides a revolutionary solution that will become a part of your go-to farming arsenal in no time.

How the Tuskan Hay Bale Clamp Works

The Tuskan bale clamp uses four spikes, laid out two on each side in a fork arrangement, to offer maximum stability to any size of bale. Hydraulics allow for different clamp sizes, so that the Tuskan attachment can pick up bales as narrow as three feet and as wide as nine. The clamp can then lift and rotate your hay bale for effective transportation and can either place the bale directly into your mixer or set it down on its size for the trimming of strings or other wrapping material.

Thanks to the Tuskan’s hydraulic customization, the clamp can be used interchangeably as both a square bale clamp and a round bale clamp. From compact rectangular bales to massive round bundles of hay, Tuskan has designed a solution optimised to fit your farming needs, no matter what those may be. Give our brand-new clamp a try: we guarantee you will never go back to your old bale fork again.