Silage Bale Fork

Finally, a Silage Fork Designed to Keep You—and Your Round and Square Bales—Safe

When most people think of a farming environment, they don’t think of it as an unsafe place. As farmers, the Wallace Family didn’t want to think of their farm—or of anyone else’s, for that matter—as an unsafe place either. But with four generations of farming experience under their roof, the Wallaces know that poorly made or non-functional pieces of farming equipment can easily turn field and pasture into a battlefield where farm workers risk their lives each day. The newly patented Tuskan silage bale fork was designed with such people in mind, to offer a safe and modernised alternative to the silage fork attachments of old—products that have long been cited among the most dangerous farm machinery out there.


“We understand how tough it is running a farm because we’ve run our own farms for generations,” said Phillip Wallace, one of the primary inventors of the new Tuskan silage fork. “Accidents can happen—many involving farm machinery. We wanted to completely remove the danger of farm workers risking death or severe injury from falling into tub feed mixers. We saw a dangerous, time-consuming job and developed a safe, time-saving and cost-effective solution.”

As Wallace states, the primary danger of older silage bale forks—forklift attachments that carry both round and square silage bales by boring holes into them for leverage—is that they require farmers to teeter dangerously on the edge of a feed mixer while attempting to trim the strings the hold hay bales together. Whether farmers needed a round silage bale fork for the biggest bales on the farm or a square silage bale fork for more manageable blocks of hay, the danger of getting too close to the mixer blades remained. Phillip Wallace and his family surmised that there had to be a better way.

Introducing the Tuskan: Safety Captured in a Silage Bale Fork

With the Wallace Family’s latest innovation, the Tuskan silage bale fork, farmers everywhere now have a solution to the dangerous feed mixer problem. Using hydraulic arms to clamp and lift silage blocks, the Tuskan allows for a more elegant manner of moving hay bales and loading feed mixers that has ever been seen before. Now, farmers can set down their hay bales a safe distance from the feed mixer, trim the strings and then lift the silage back up again. The power and pressure of the hydraulic arms makes sure the silage bales hold their form—even without any sort of wrapping to hold them together—and turns the long and dangerous process of releasing the bale into the mixer into a single fluid manoeuvre on the forklift controls.

Best of all, thanks to durable construction and years of testing and refinement, the Tuskan is built to last. So no matter the size of your farming arrangement, whether you need to grind up one small square silage bale a day or a dozen bigger round bales each week, the Tuskan is a cost-effective solution that will keep giving for years to come. And thanks to the product’s brand-new patent, the Tuskan is officially the only silage fork of its kind currently available anywhere in the world.