Bale Grab

The Danger of Not Using Tuskan: Avoid Disaster with Our Easy Hay Bale Grab Mechanism for Square and Round Bales

Picture this scenario: you’re a farmer with a huge stable of horses and other animals, burning through bales upon bales of hay each month. You have round hay bales, nine feet wide, stacked as high as a one-story house, and your least favourite day of the week is when you have to use your obsolete hay bale grab mechanism to move one or two of them from their resting spot over to your mixer or grinder so that you can turn the hay into feed.


Your transportation method, if you can call it that, revolves around an old fork lift and what fellow farmers call a ‘bale fork,’ a term that seems too eloquent for something that impales hay bales on a long spike in order to move them a short distance. One day, you grab your hay bale, move it over to the mixer and raise the forklift so that you can drop its contents into grinder. But of course, with a tool that gets a bale grab by simply stabbing into it, there is no easy ‘release’ option, so you have to go back to the barn, grab a ladder and climb up the side of your mixer to try to trim the bale strings by hand.

You start reaching out to trim the strings, but some of them are a bit too far away. You try to readjust your position, maybe buy yourself a little more space to make the last cuts and get the hay off that pesky fork, but you forget for a moment that you are standing on a ladder and, by definition, ‘space’ isn’t something your position affords. You feel the ladder giving way under you and you try to grab onto the side of the mixer, but instead, you over correct and start to tumble into the same grinder where you were just trying to place a bale of hay.

Tuskan: ‘A Better Way’ for Bale Grab

We will spare you the unfortunate details of the rest of that story, because there’s almost no way it can end well. What we do want you to consider is the ineffectual nature of the hay bale grab mechanism the farmer in this scenario was using. In our current age of technology, shouldn’t there be a more efficient method of securing a square or round bale grab? Shouldn’t our farmers be able to load bales into their mixer without risking their lives or limbs along the way?

The answer, of course, is yes, and with the newly patented Tuskan hay bale grab, you will be able to easily lift, transport and release both large round bales and small square bales without putting your own life in jeopardy. Our hydraulic fork system allows for a firm bale grab without requiring you to impale your bales. And when you get to the mixer, you can simply position the bale above it and release the hydraulic arms to drop the bale, no ladders or hay jiggling necessary. Whether you are looking to lift a nine-foot-wide round bale or just to get a firm square bale grab for a smaller quantity of hay, the Tuskan is a one-of-a-kind, must-have solution.