Silage Bale Spike

A Durable and Versatile Silage Bale Spike for Round and Square Bales

Too often these days, manufacturers build their products and equipment with planned obsolescence in place. While technology has inspired innovative solutions to thousands of challenges, spanning all industries, it also advances at such a rapid clip that most engineers plan for their developments to be superseded by a new innovation within two or three years. In order to support those new developments and to make them more marketable, companies in virtually every field have cut down on the durability of their products in hopes that their buyers will return, time and time again, to buy a new version of what is, at its core, the same product.


When the Wallaces—a four-generation farming family with two generations of engineers under their roof—set out to develop a modern version of the old silage bale spike, they wanted to make sure it was future-proof and free of the malfunctions and breakdowns that plague so many once-great pieces of equipment two or three years into their life cycles. Instead of nickel and diming their audience, the Wallace Family entered the development stages for their new silage spike with a goal to serve as guardians for the safety and financial well-being of fellow farmers. In short, they wanted to provide an intuitive solution to the complaints and dangers that have plagued farmers using silage bale spikes for years.

The result of the Wallace Family’s efforts is the Tuskan, a hydraulic-powered silage bale spike that allows farmers to transport round and square silage bales of virtually any size from their storage spots to wherever they need to go on the farm. Usually, the destination for silage bales is a feed mixer, and the Tuskan makes loading silage into the mixer easier than ever before. The hydraulic arms of the device—an easy-to-use forklift attachment—can grip and release silage bales ranging from three to nine feet in width and spanning virtually all weights. Thanks to that versatility, the Tuskan works equally well as a round silage bale spike and a square silage bale spike. Clearly, the Wallaces knew that their audiences would be quite varied.

One of the best things about the Tuskan is that it really is built to last. Rather than building a product with a pre-determined lifespan and coming out with some update for it a few years down the road, the Wallace Family built the Tuskan as a modern silage bale spike solution that, with proper care and use, could last for generations to come. Sure, the device can carry the lightest-weight square silage bale on the farm, but it won’t break under pressure if you need it to carry five nine-foot-wide round silage bales in a row, either. Add a recent patent and plenty of testimonials from pleased farmers, and it is clear that, with the Tuskan, the Wallace Family is offering something that no one on the market can duplicate.